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Canal B en direct de la Rochelle le dimanche 28 octobre

Yannis le bègue et Méloman & Mani à la Maison des Associations

Ecoutez toutes les interviews réalisées par Canal B les 15 et 16 juins derniers!

Béchamel Cha Cha
Béchamel Cha Cha

Boogaloo aquatique, jerks hawaiens, cochonneries diverses..

Horaires :
Mardi : 04h00-05h30
Samedi : 19h00-20h30 (Direct)
Béchamel mon oeil

Hogsnort Rupert 's Original flagon Band : Your tender look

John Hartford : The Six O' Clock train and a girl with green eyes

The Trespassers : Come with me

Them : One two brown eyes

The Snaps : Polka dotted eyes

The Joint Effort : The Third Eye

The Gregorians : Dilated eyes

The Shakers : Who will buy these wonderful eyes

United Travel Service : Gypsy eyes

The One Way Street : Tears in my eyes

The Cyrkle : Don 't cry, no fears, no tears comin' your way

The Hollies : Suspicious look in your eyes

The Rumbles : It 's my turn to cry

The Vagrants : Oh those eyes

The Invasion : Do you like what you see

The Sands : Open your eyes

Him & The Others : She 's got eyes that tell lies

Tommy Roe : Misty eyes

Jonathan King : The night has a thousand eyes

Baker Knight & The Knightmares : Hallucinations

The Velvet Underground : Pale blue eyes

Pisces : Elephant eyes

The Paperhead : Can 't keep my eyes open

Pulp : Little girl with blue eyes

Le retour des britons

The Moofy Blues : It ain' t necessarily so

Peter & Gordon : Hurtin' 'n lovin'

Graham Bonney : You 're no good

The Artwoods : Goodbye sisters 

The Peddlers : Song for the blues

Manfred Mann : Watch your step

The Hollies : What went wrong

The Dave Clark Five : You never listen

The Birds : Say those magic words

The Tremeloes : What a state I 'm in

The Riot Squad : Waiting for my man

Episode Six : I can see through you

The Troggs : Maybe the madman

The Pretty Things : Bracelets

The 23 rd Turned-Off : Michaelangelo

Nirvana : Theme for The Touchables

The Truth : Sueno

Kaleidoscope : Dream for Julie

Our Plastic Dream : A little bit of Shangri-la

The Flies : I 'm not your stepping stone

Ruperts People : Dream in my mind

Wimple Winch : Save my soul

The Deviants : Slum lord

Sunshine Theatre : Mountain





Infligeons l' affligeant

The Four Seasons : Don 't think twice

Jeanne Hayes : Loving a siamese twin

Tina Robin : Play it again

Titus Turner : Bla bla bla cha cha cha

Zen Fuller : Doomsday

Porter Wagoner : Rubber room

Sheldon Allman : Little black things

Moses Longpiece : Slide her under the door

Gino : Grouch

Ben Cooler : Louisiana trapper

Donnie & The Outcasts : Bounty hunter

The Don Randi Trio : He said she said

The Lone Twister : Lone Twister

Tommy Bruce : Monster Gonzales

Damal & Rachid : Arriba

Los Dynamitas del twist : Oye le que te digo

The Keytones : I was a teenage monster

Wayne Sherwood : Moonstep twist

Mike Lawing : Chimpanzee ride

Joe E. Ross : OO Ooh

The Hardly-Worthit Players : Mellow yellow

Ian Whitcomb : Poor but honest

Mae West : When a man loves a woman

Kathy Berberian : I want to hold your hand

Alain Ricard : I like sex

Brute Force : Tapeworm of love

Neil Innes & Son : Cum' on feel the noise

Captain Milk : Hey Jude

The 21 First Century Concept : Happy together

Mon Brésil en slip

Roberto Carlos : O calhembeque

Eduardo Araujo : Vem quente que eou estou fervendo

Altafini : Xarapao

Brazilian Bittles : Filhino do papaï

Os Bangs : O louco

Os Maskers : Veja so

Os Baobabs : Pintada de preto

Renato e seus Blue Caps : Vivo so

Caetano Veloso : Irene

Gilberto Gil : Pega a vega, cabelado

Pele & Elis Regina : Vexamao

Eliana Putman : Morena

Erasmo Carlos : Nao fiques triste

Tom Zé : Jimmy, renda se

Fabio : Lindo sonho delirante

Ely : As turbinas estae ligadas

Sueli e os Kantikus : Que bacana

Os Mutantes : Panis et cicenses

Os Brazoes : Gotham City

Nicholas Mariano : Dita cuja

Merlin' s Message : Porque in para a guerra

Fatima Reis & The Rolling Fevers : Amando vocé

Com os Falcos Rearis : Ele seculo 

Sergueï : Ourico

Caetano Veloso : Alfomega

Béchamel cosmique

The Hard Times : Blew mind

The Cosmic Sounds : Taurus : the voluptuary

Terry Knight & The Pack : Love goddess of the Sunset Strip

The Grassroots : Hot bright lights

The Chambers Brothers : Time has come today

The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band : Help I 'm a rock

Rasputin & The Mad Monks : I had too much to dream last night

The Dirty Filthy Mud : The forest of black

Crazy People : Happy academy

The Sons Of Adam & Ron Steele : Sleep in a public place

The Bedlam Four : Hydrogen atom

The Inexpensive Hand Made Look : What good is up

The Humane Society : Eternal prison

The Storytellers : Cry with me

The Trespassers : Living memories

The Boss Tweeds : A wristwatch band

The Clouds : Visions

The Parrots : Put the clock back on the wall

The Nomads : Thoughts of a madman

Mijal & White : I 'm in you

Ennio Morricone : Navajo Joe

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