60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much"  c'est monochrome !

avec Buffalo Daughter ...

... et Pip Blom

GUIDED BY VOICES I Share A Rhythm It's Not Them. It Could Be Them. It Is Them ! 2021
MATT ELLIS  Walk Alone Full Moon Fever 2021
DAVID KITT Did You Lie To Me? Laser Days 2021
IDLES MTT 420 RR Crawler 2021
GOODBYE HONOLULU U Got It Goodbye Honolulu 2021
STARFLYER 59  New Guitar Vanity 2021
COLLEEN GREEN You Don't Exist Cool 2021
PIP BLOM You Don't Wan't This Welcome Break 2021
CAMERA OBSCURA Honey In The Sun My Maudlin Career 2009
UV-TV  Overcast Forever Always Something 2021
LILY KONIGSBERG At Best The Best of Lily Konigsberg Right Now  2021
DEAP VALLY Perfuction Marriage 2021
DINOSAUR Jr Start Choppin Emptiness At The Sinclair 2021
BEIGE BANQUET  Control (ep) 2021
BUFFALO DAUGHTER Global Warming Kills Us All  We Are The Times 2021