60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" la 500 ème !

avec toujours de la musique frivole et superficielle qui met les femmes à l'honneur

... avec Kills Birds

... et avec Sassy 009

WINE LIPS Get Your Money Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party 2021
SHAME Baldur's Gate (single)  2021
SLY AND ROBBIE Boops Here To Go Rhythm Killers 1987
BEAT HAPPENING Crashing Through   (single) 2021
THE SURFING MAGAZINES Caribbean Ginger Cake Badgers of Wymeswold 2021
FEVER RAY To The Moon And Back Plunge 2017
SASSY 009 Red Plum Heart Ego 2021
LILY KONIGSBERG It's Just Like All The Clouds The Best of Lily Konigsberg Right Now 2021
LILY KONIGSBERG At Best The Best of Lily Konigsberg Right Now 2021
NICK MURPHY AND THE PROGRAM Get It Wrong Take In The Roses 2021
THE DISCIPLINES Get It Right Smoking Kills 2009
SHRAPNEL  Corporate Clamp Alasitas  2021
KILLS BIRDS Cough Up Cherries Married 2021
VERO Beg (single) 2021
KIM GORDON, JAY MASCIS, FRED ARMISEN Abstract Blues (single) 2021
YOU SAID STRANGE  Run Away Thousand Shadows Vol​.​1 2021
PRETTY INSIDE  All the Time Grow Up 2021