60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" en bonne compagnie feminine,

... avec les filles à paillettes de Vitalic...

... et les néo-prêtresses d' Epone de Velvet Volume.

THE UKRAINIANS Baytar (Bigmouth Strikes Again) Kultura 1994
THANK Dread Thoughtless Cruelty 2022
STUCK Labor Leisure Content That Makes You Feel Good  (ep) 2021
VITALIC Waiting for the stars Voyager 2017
CHARLOTTE ADIGERY & BOLIS PUPUL Mantra Topical Dancer 2022
VELVET VOLUME  Mother And Man Nest 2022
SOFIA BOLT Mirabelle Soft Like a Peach (ep) 2022
GUIDED BY VOICES Eyes Of Your Doctot Crystal Nuns Cathédral 2022
MOD CON Cool It !  Modern Condition 2021
DAVID HEATLEY Meme Life Our Own Way 2022
DEL WATER GAP Distance Del Water Gap 2021
BLUSHING Sour punch Possessions 2022
BASEMENT REVOLVER Tunnel Vision Embody 2022
JENNY Kids Of Today (single) 2021
THE SPITFIRES Promised Land Play For Today 2022