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Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" Bertrand, seul aux manettes...

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HORSEGIRL  Anti-glory (single) 2022
ROSE WINDOWS Glory, Glory Rose Windows 2015
LADY BIRD Take Care We 2022
LADY JANE Arg! 2  The Youngest Was The Least Loved 2008
MALL GIRL Poolside Person Superstar 2022
BOYO Replica Echoes Like Memories 2022
VELVET VOLUME Mother And Man Nest  2022
THE VELVET ANTS Dead Rose Blacklight Press 2016
WINE LIPS Get Your Money Mushroom Death Sex Bummer Party 2021
NICFIT Human Inane Fuse 2022
DELIVERY The Topic  (single) 2022
TAQBIR Aisha Qandisha Victory Belongs To Those Who Fight For A Right Cause (ep) 2021
SAVAK Cold Ocean Human Error / Human Delight 2022
THE SHADRACKS  No Time Huddie Hamper 2021
SUGAR CANDY MOUTAIN  Running From Fire Impression 2021
POP RIVETS Fun In The UK Greatest Hits 1979
YARD ACT The Overload The Overload 2022
BE FOREST Bengala Knocture 2019
PARLBERTA Something in the Way  Palberta5000 2021