60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" ça roule,

en moto avec Glitterer...

... ou en caisse pour aller  jouer avec Wimps !

THE JESUS AND MARYCHAIN Venal Boy Glasgow Eyes 2024
HOLIDAY GHOSTS Sublime Disconnect Coat Of Arms 2024
DECISIVE PINK Haffmilch Holiday Ticket To Fame 2023
WHISPERING SONS Dragging The Great Calm 2024
GULFER Talk All Night Third Wind 2024
ELECTROLYTES Primitive Ultralyte 2023
WIMPS Mom City Lights 2023
GLITERER Plastic Rationnale 2024
PORTISHEAD Plastic Third 2008
COLT WAVE Dark Night Soul On Call 2023
FAMILY VISION Raw Dirge Chop Shop 2024
NADINE SHAH Even Light Filthy Underneath 2024
WHITELANDS How it Feels Night-bound Eyes Are Blind To The Day 2024
ARMIN Natalie (ep) 2023
DIRTY SOUND MAGNET  Dreaming in Dystopia Dreaming in Dystopia 2023
BOLIS PUPUL Goodnight Mr Yi Letter Yu 2024