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*** La Peau Des Héros
*** La Peau Des Héros

Mai 2007

Emission du 28 mai 2007

Do Make Say Think : Horns of a Rabbit "Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn"(Constellation-
Ryoichi Kurokawa : Read (Extracts) "Read"(Daisyworld Discs-
Mils : Track #06 ".Mils"(Gooom Disques-
Bertuf : Green Shoes "from « »"
Microstoria : Slap Top "Init Ding"(Sonig-
Oval : Quiro "Compil Sonig Ilation"(Sonig-
Flim : Notch Haesslich "Ohne Titel, 1916"(Plinkity Plonk-
Joanna Newsom : Bridges & Balloons "The Milk-Eyed Mender"(Drag City-
Bertuf : Lose Away Out "A Random Nature"(Wimm Recordings-
Radicalfashion : Photo Dynasmo "Odori"(Hefty Rcds-
Phonophani : Earth Diver "Oack or Rock"(Rune Grammofon-
Kammerflimer Kollektief : Live at The Cactus Tree Motel "Jinx"(Staubgold-
Bertuf : Singola "Compil Massage Auditif #01"(Angström Rcds-
Dorine Muraille : Le Supplice de la baignoire "Mani"(Fat Cat-
Andrew Pekler : Rockslide "Cue"(Kranky-


Emission du 21 mai 2007

Big Black : Kerosene (Live) "Compil Nothing Short Of Total War (Part One)"(Blast First-
Pan Sonic : Kytkennät / Connections "Katodivaihe / Cathodephase"(Blast First Petite-
Jarboe : Pan Sonic In Red Dirt (Pan Sonic Remix) "Anhedoniac"(Atavistic-
Do Make Say Think : Herstory of Glory "You, You're A History In Rust"(Constellation-
Cocorosie : Japan "The Advantures of Ghosthorse & Stillborn"(Touch & Go-
Atone : Introduction (Pandatone Fucking Ideal Remix) "Un An Plus Tard EP"(Autres Directions In Music-
Poborsk : Bouncing Spaghnumbirds "Droid Topiary Frame"(Tsuku Boshi-
Antiguo Automata Mexicano : Harm & Jazz "Kraut Slut"(Static Discos-
Senking : Common Business "List"(Raster-Noton-
Andrey Kiritchenko : A Rabbit Makes Her Dream Come True "Stuffed With/Out"(Nexsound-
Fridge : Insects "The Sun"(Temporary Residence Ltd-
Mils : Numby "Sept Masses Déplacées"(Gooom Disques-
Bertuf : Numéro Trois "Gnossiennes 7''"(Gooom Disques-
Phil Ranelin : Time Is Running Out (Telefon Tel Aviv remix) "Telefon Tel Aviv – Remixes Compiled"(Hefty Rcds-
Mad Ep : Maudlin Marauder (Ra remix) "Ultra Food"(Ad Noiseam-
Doddodo : Heresy Country Papa "Compil Trade & Distribution Almanac Vol. 3"(Adaadat-
Duracell & DJ Scotch Egg : Untitled "Compil Trade & Distribution Almanac Vol. 3"(Adaadat-


Emission du 14 mai 2007 (focus sur Pan Sonic)

Nils Petter Molvaer : Khmer "Khmer"(ECM Rcds- )
Pan Sonic : Lahetys / Transmission "Katodivaihe / Cathodephase"(Blast First Petite-
Dälek : Content To Play Villain "Abandoned Language"(Ipecac-
Kammerflimer Kollektief : Gammler Zen + Hobe Berge "Jinx"(Staubgold-
Flanger : Bosco's Disposable Driver "Nuclear Jazz (Templates / Midnight Sound)"(Nonplace-
Ryuichi Sakamoto : Prayer (Pan Sonic Mix) "Prayer / salvation Mixes EP"(Ninja Tune-
Fennesz / Sakamoto : Mono "Cendre"(Touch-
Björk : Headphone (Mika Vainio remix) "Telegram"(One Little Indian-
Björk : Earth Intruders "Volta"(One Little Indian-
Ra : Night Drunken Pavement (Mad EP remix) "Ultra Food"(Ad Noiseam-
Von Südenfed : That Wiped Sound "Tromatic Reflexxions"(Domino-
Vainio / Vaisanen / Vega : Medal "Endless"(Blast First-
Einstürzende Neubauten : NNNAAAMMM (Panasonic Remix) "Ende Neu Remixes"(Mute-
Pan Sonic : Virta 1. / Current 1. "Katodivaihe / Cathodephase"(Blast First Petite-


Emission du 7 mai 2007

Phonem : Don't Vote For Your Enemies "Compil Bip-Hop Generation Vol. 1"(Bip-Hop-
Gescom : Mag (Ae Remix) "Compil All Tomorrow's Parties 3.0"(ATP Recordings)
Kid606 : Catstep/My kitten/Catnip Vatstep dsp (remix by hrvatski) "Down With The Scene"(Ipecac-
Timeblind : Copycopy "Ghostification"(Soot Rcds)
Tom Burbank : Fragile "Famous First Words"(Planet Mu-
Fennesz / Sakamoto : Amorph "Cendre"(Touch-
Pomassl : Tandem Distiller (Wire Tapper Edit) "Compil The Wire Tapper Vol. 17"(The Wire Magazine-
Longstone : Kabuki "Compil The Wire Tapper Vol. 17"(The Wire Magazine-
Battles : Race In "Mirrored"(Warp-
Fridge : Our Place In This "The Sun"(Temporary Residence Limited)
Flower-Corsano Duo : Wind "The Radiant Mirror"(Textile Rcds)
Moskitoo : Tip Toe Blues "Drape"(12k-
Tennis : A Guide To Losing You "Compil Bip-Hop Generation Vol. 8"(Bip-Hop-
Christ : Marsh of Epidemics (Alias remix) "Alias – Collected Remixes"(Anticon-
Pan Sonic : Johto 5. / Cable 5. "Kesto"(Mute-


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