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*** La Peau Des Héros
*** La Peau Des Héros

Mars 2007

Emission du 26 mars 2007

Faust : Krautrock "Faust IV"(Virgin)
Faust vs Dälek : T.Electronique "Derbe Respect, Alder "(Staubgold-
Dälek : Spiritual Healing (Zu remix) "Dälek vs Zu 7''"(Psychotica Rcds)
Zu & Nobukazu Takemura : The Culprit "Idendification with the Enemy: A key To The Underworld"(Atavistic-
Volcano The Bear : Hairy Queen "Egg & Two Books"(Vivo)
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid : Greensleeves "Tongues"(Domino-
David Toop : Chairs Creaks, Though No One Sits There "Compil On Isolation"(Room40-
Alva Noto : Haliod Xerrox Copy 6 "Xerrox Vol. 1"(Raster-Noton-
Tu M' : Under The Sea "Compil Bip-Hop Generation Vol. 8"(Bip-Hop-
Secret Mommy : To Burry A Tent "Plays"(Ache)
Beige : Wonzo's Erster Tag "Non Profit EP"(Nonplace-
Agoria : Les Beaux Jours (feat. N'Zeng) "Les Beaux Jours"(PIAS)
Heartthrob : Baby Kate (Plastikman remix) "Baby Kate Remixes"(M_nus)
Sink : Never Ending Transformer "Tsuku Boshi X-Mas Compilation"(Tsuku Boshi-
Colongib : Scopedog, Mechanical Man "Scopedog, Mechanical Man"(Monotonik)
BlackHam : Skrew up "Compil Ruff 03"(Peace Off-


Emission du 19 mars 2007

Ryoji Ikeda : Zero Degrees Part 3 "Zero Degrees"(Touch-
K.K. Null & Jim O'Rourke : Neuro Geometry "New Kind of Water"(Charnel Music)
Xela : The Long Walk Home at Midnight "For Frosty Mornings & Summer Nights"(Type Rcds-
Mira Calix : Protean "Eyes Set Against The Sun"(Warp-
Takashi Wada : Meguro "Meguro"(Onitor-
Genia & John Richards : Prelude (The Earlyman Remix) "Suite for Piano & Electronics"(Non Classical)
Madvillain : Meat Grinder (Four Tet Remix) "Four Tet remixes"(Stones Throw Rcds)
Kill The Vultures : How Far Can A Dead Man Go "The Careles Flame"(Jib Door)
Dälek : Content To Play Vilain "Abandoned Language"(Ipecac-
Deuce : What I Hate Most Is Hip-Hop "We Can Mke It Faster & Better Than Deuce!"(Mik Musik-
Richard Devine : Dansk Rap "Asect:Dsect"(Schematic-
Xanopticon : Suicide "Même Sage EP"(Peace Off / Mutant Sniper)
Electric Kettle : Goulag Toon "Camels To Cannibals"(Peace Off-
Jason Forrest : Breaking Away "Compil Project Bicycle"(Ache)
Tep : Petrol Blues "Compil Bedroom Research Vol. 3"(Bedroom Research- >
Svalastog : Rework & Out "Woodwork"(Rune Grammofon-
Ontayso : Solar 20051230 "Solar Terrestrial Activity"(U-Cover Cdr Limited)
Dabrye : Jorgy (with Waadjee) "Two/Three"(Ghostly International)


Emission du 12 mars 2007

Polygon Window : Quoth "Quoth EP"(Warp-
Andrey Kiritchenko : Timetravel On A Snail "Compil Ad Noiseam 2001-2006"(Ad Noiseam-
Clark : Springtime Epiphany "Ted EP"(Warp-
Svalastog : White Oah White Pine "Woodwork"(Rune Grammofon-
Dälek : Stagnant Waters "Abandoned Language"(Ipecac-
Kill The Vultures : Moonshine "Moonshine EP"(Jib Door)
Disastrato : Woth A Smile "Les"(
Disastrato : How To Make Beats (Room's Pot Pourri) "Dissecting Disastratos"(Audiobulb)
Gangpol Und Mit : Le Voyage d'un oeuf (feat. Juicy Panic) "Tournent en rond"(Wwilko-
Cappablack : Hear No Speak No "Facades & Skeletons"(Scape)
Animal Collective : People "People EP"(Fat Cat-
Do Make Say Think : Herstory of Glory "You, You're A History In Rust"(Constellation-
Reformed Faction : Downlander "Compil Lagrimas de Miedo Vol. 13"(Feardrop)
Pure : Überwelt "Bo Variable Fiction"(Ytterbium-
Edit : The Perscription "Compil Baby Godzilla"(Dala City Rcds)


Emission du 5 mars 2007

PFM feat. MC Conrad : Western "Compil LTJ Bukem presents Logical Progression"(Good Looking Rcds)
Fennesz : Made In Hong Kong "Endless Summer (remastered)"(Editions Mego)
Murcof : Cielo "Cosmos EP"(Leaf-
Paul Wirkus : Valore Energetico "Déformation Professionnelle"(Staubgold-
Klammerflimmer Kollektief : Gammler Zen + Hobe Berge "Compil Jukebox Buddha"(Staubgold-
Deuce : I Am The Tiger of Asia! ""(Mik Musik-
Faust : The Sad Skinhead "Faust IV"(Virgin)
Xela : Drunk On Salt Water "The Dead Sea"(Type Rcds-
Jac Berrocal : Rock'n Roll Station "Fatal Encounters"(DSA)
Wobbly : Flee You "Compil Project Bicycle"(Ache)
Cex : Oregon Ridge "Sketchi"(Temporary Residence Limited)
Diagram of Suburban Chaos : So Gone (Ventrimix) "Compil Intricate Maximals"(Adiobulb)
Disastrato : Requiem pour une feuille morte "Compil Intricate Maximals"(Adiobulb)
Steve Reich : Drumming (Four Tet Remix) "Reich: Remixed 2006"(Nonesuch-
Kanding Ray : Nine "Stabil"(Raster-Noton-

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