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*** La Peau Des Héros
*** La Peau Des Héros

Février 2007

Emission du 26 février 2007

To Rococo Rot : Telema "Taken From Vynil"(Staubgold-
The Boats : May Our Enemies Never Find Happiness "Tomorrow Time"(Moteer)
Tujiko Noriko : No Error In My Memory "Solo"(Editions Mego)
Geir Jenssen : Zhangmu – Crossing A Landslide Area "Cho Oyu 8201m – Field Recordings From Tibet"(Ash International-
Panda Bear : Good Girl / Carrots "Person Pitch"(Paw Tracks)
Ben Frost : Stomp "Theory of Machines"(Bedroom Community)
Mika Vainio : Hampatt III "Revitty"(Wavetrap)
Do Make Say Think : A Tender History In Rust "You, You're A History In Rust"(Constellation-
Clark : Ted (Bibio Remix) "Ted EP"(Warp-
Soplerfo : Garo Knows (Don Mennerich's remix) "Soplerfo"(
Dälek : Lynch "Abandoned Language"(Ipecac-
El-P : Habeas Corpses (Draconian Love) "I'll Sleep When You're Dead"(Definitive Jux-
Proswell : Yuko Pailey "Bruxist Frog"(Merck-
The Flashbulb : Stretch Industry "Flexing Habitual"(Sublight Rcds-
Monster X : Nukleus "Disco Zombie Paradise "(Peace Off-
Electric Kettle : Kettle Meets Meca "Camels To Cannibals"(Peace Off-
Disastrato : Joan Collins & Disastrato "I'm A Looper Baby So Why Don't You Kill Me"(Hippocamp)
Amon Tobin : Kitchen Sink "Foley Room"(Ninja Tune-


Emission du 19 février 2007

Matmos : California Rhinoplasty "A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure"(Matador-
Oval : Epsionik "Aero Deko EP"(Tokuma Japan Communications)
Fennesz : Caecilia "Endless Summer"(Mego Edition)
Dälek : Abandoned Language "Abandoned Language"(Ipecac-
Busdriver : Kill Your Employer (Recreational Paranoia is the Sport of now) "Roadkillovercoat"(Epitath Rcds)
Subtitle : A Dinasty Turns Def "Trunk Bomb"(Business Espionage Audio Recordings)
Slepcy : Z Pudeleczka (feat. Claudine) "We Are The Newest Battle Models"(Cock Rock Disco-
OOIOO : Ats "Taiga"(Thrill Jockey-
Ikue Mori & Zeena Parkins : Jezebel "Phantom Orchard"(Mego-
CoH : Wasp Wisp "0397 Post-Pop"(Mego-
Stephan Mathieu & Janek Schaefer : Score For A Line "Hiddden Name"(Cronica Electronica-
Vitor Joaquim : Moments of Sync "Flow"(Cronica Electronica-
Heller : St Jean_Sum04 "Bo Variable Fiction"(Ytterbium-
Starkey : Strike Now "Local Headline"(Werk Discs-
Ghislain Poirier : Bounce-Moi "Rebondir EP"(Rebondir Rcds)
Audiopixel : Afro Pixel "Compil Pain Perdu / Pot Pourri"(Effervescence-


Emission du 12 février 2007

Tim Hecker : Radio Spiricom "Harmony In Ultraviolet"(Kranky-
Ryuichi Sakamoto : 20 mSec. (Fennesz remix) "Bricolages"(Warner Music (Japan))
Motion : Alt X "Every Action"(12k-
Sébastien Roux : Les Heures Claires "Pillow"(Apestaartje-
Andrey Kiritchenko : Bursting Suns "Compil Pueblo Nuevo Primer Aniversario"(Pueblo Nuevo-
Gescom : Tangle Ill "ISS:SA"(Skam-
Mitchell Akyama : With Hope That (For Steve Reich) "If Night Is A Weed And Day Grows Less"(Sub Rosa-
Tied & Tickled Trio : A.R.C. "A.R.C."(Morr Music-
Scorn : Falling (Autechre «FR13 » Mix) "Remixes"(Scorn Recordings)
Alva Noto : Pulse (XS Version) "Transrapid"(Raster-Noton-
Antigen Shift : Peacekeeper "The Way Of The North"(Ad Noiseam-
Architect : A Monkey's Testdive In A Highspeed Car With A Broken Stereo "The Analysis Of Noise Trading"(Hymen-
Eight Frozen Modules : Head Change "Clinically Yours"(Plateaux Resistance)
Thomas Brinkmann : Ikaria "Tokyo+1"(Max Ernst)
Mika Vainio aka Ø : Aaltovaihe "Aste"(Sähkö Recordings)
Mika Vainio aka Ø : Sukeltava "Aste"(Sähkö Recordings)
Apparat : First Try "Compilation Neue Berliner Initiative Sampler 02"(ue Berliner Initiative)
Akufen : Severed Finger Samba "Compil Montreal Smoked Meat"(Force Inc.-
Tom Burbank : Juno Rhapsody "Famous First Words"(Planet Mu-


Emission du 5 février 2007

DJ Spooky : Optometry "Optometry"(Thirsty Ear-
Amon Tobin : Keep Your Distances "Foley Room"(Ninja Tune-
Exillon : Aliasing "The Keening Dithers"(Ad Noiseam-
Mira Calix : The Way You Are When "Eyes Set Against The Sun"(Warp-
Xela : Linseed "The Dead Sea"(Type Rcds-
Panda Bear : Take Pills "Person Pitch"(Fat Cat-
Of : Ferns Will Crumble "Div/orce Series #5"(Ache)
Dälek : Bricks Crumble "Abandoned Language"(Ipecac-
Excepter : One More Try "Sunbomber EP"(5 Rue Christine)
Wasteland : All Versus All "All Versus All"(Transparent-
Francisco Lopez & Steve Roden : Le Chemin Du Paradis "Le Chemin Du Paradis"(Fario)
Pan American : Are You Ready? "For waiting, For Chasing"(Mosz-
Lusine Icl : Act 2 "Compil Travel Sickness"(Hymen-
Doormouse : Helloween On Wheels (Extended Disc Jockey Vynil Mix Mix) "I Love Everything"(Addict)
Bong-Ra : The Rush [Long Time Coming] (Drop The Lime Remix) "Stereohype Heroin Hooker"(Ad Noiseam-
Bästard : Fresh fish move sideways "Acoustic Machine"(Ici D'Ailleurs)

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