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*** La Peau Des Héros
*** La Peau Des Héros

Playlist 2005

Emission du 26 décembre 2005

Supersilent : 4.1 "4"(Rune Grammofon
Derek Bailey : Laura "Ballads"(Tzadik
Derek Bailey & Anthony Braxton : Area 1 "The First Set"(Emanen)
Black Forest / Black Sea : Inepta "Compil Invisible Pyramid:Elegy Box"(Last Visible Dog -
Es : Harmonia, Rakkautta "Compil Invisible Pyramid:Elegy Box"(Last Visible Dog -
Tomu Tonttu : Tattus Nativitatis "Compil Invisible Pyramid:Elegy Box"(Last Visible Dog -
Mudboy : Terry Shiva "Compil Invisible Pyramid:Elegy Box"(Last Visible Dog -
Keijo : Getting Through "Compil Invisible Pyramid:Elegy Box"(Last Visible Dog -
Ashtray Navigations : Teeth of The Rat "Compil Invisible Pyramid:Elegy Box"(Last Visible Dog -
Uvarus : Viimeisen Dodon Viimeinen Runkki Part I "Compil Invisible Pyramid:Elegy Box"(Last Visible Dog -
Thomas Brinkmann : Drops "Lucky Hands"(Max.Ernst
Vladislav Delay, Agf & Craig Amstrong : Choices "The Dolls"(Huume
Ultra Milkmaids : My Electric Laddy Land "Compil Small Melodies"(Nexsound
Désormais : This Ship Sinks Sideways "Dead Letters To Lost Friends"(Intr Version
Arden : Jardin Opening "Conceal"(Stilll
Murcof : Rios "Remembranza"(Leaf -
Glen Velez vs Jan Jelinek : Track #15 "Compil External Combution"(Schematic
Secret Mommy : Music Room "Very Rec"(Ache Rcds
Alias : Clear Skies "All Things Fixable"(Goodwithmoney Recordings)
Otto Von Schirach : Earjuice Synthesis (Jamie Liddel remix) "Armpit Buffet"(Schematic
Kritical Audio : Krup "Compil Detroit Underground Vol. 6"(Detroit Underground


Emission du 19 décembre 2005

This Heat : 24 Track Loop "Compil The Wire Tapper Vol. 14"(The Wire Magazine
Moha : (C5) "Compil The Wire Tapper Vol. 14"(The Wire Magazine
Squarepusher : Fot Controller "Hard Normal Daddy"(Warp
VVV (aka Alan Vega, Mika Vainio & Ilpo Vaisanen : Life "Resurection River"(Mego
The Lappetites : Stop No. 394 Falkirk Street "Before the Libretto"(Queksilber)
Braun (and The Mob) : Explosions In B.E.I.G.E. (Nothing Has Changed ...) "As The Veneer Of Dumbness Starts To Fade"(Nonplace
400 Blows : Beat The Devil "Compil The Elephant Table Album (A Compilationof Difficult Music) "(X-Tract)
Michel Waisvisz : Etats D'Interruptions Et Derives "In Tune"(Sonig
Broadcast : Black Cat "Tender Buttons"(Warp
Midaircondo : Lo-fi Love "Shopping For Images"(Type Rcds
The Flashbulb : My Life of Loving Ghost "Kirlian Selections"(Sublight Rcds)
Otto Von Schirach : Boombonic Plague (Phoenecia Remix) "Armpit Buffet"(Schematic
Mochipet : Cold Heart (Terminal 11 remix) "Feel My China"(Component Rcds)
Glen Velez vs Freeform : Track #5 "External Combution"(Schematic
Richie Hawtin : Transitions (10 min Extract) "DE 9 : Transitions"(Novamute)
The Complainer : SXDW (This-Is-Not-A-Cover) "Sponsored By *Retro*Sex*Galaxy*"(Mik Musik
8Rolek : Repeated Fall 5everyday Blues) "Umpomat"(Mik Musik
Okapi : Dalek v/s Zu v/s Økapi (remix v/s remix) "Bah!"(Comfort Stand


Emission du 12 décembre 2005

Dr. Phibes & The House of Wax Equations : Mr. Phantasy "Whirlpool"(50 Seel Street Rcds)
Audiopixel : Origami Mon Ami "Mémento Rumori"(Effervescence
Isis : Weight (Fennesz Remix) "Oceanic Remixes / Reinterpretations"(Daymare Recordings)
Fraction : Human Process "Démo"(Autoprod)
Kero : Deform 4 Final 2 "Compil Detroit Underground Vol. 6"(Detroit Underground
27 / 11 : Bonjour Bonjour! "Compil Lagrimas de Miedo Vol. 12"(Feardrop)
Hans Fjellestad : Wrigging Call "Compil The Wire Tapper Vol. 14"(The Wire Magazine
Leif Elggren : For Fear "Compil Lagrimas de Miedo Vol. 12"(Feardrop)
Eight Frozen Modules : The Absent Menace "Rejected Resident EP"(Mutant Sniper / Peace Off)
Otto Von Schirach : Madame Queef Blizzard (Quintron Remix) "Armpit Buffet"(Schematic
Glen Velez vs Leafcutter John : "External Combution"(Schematic
Ø (aka Mika Vainio) : Miekkakala / Swordfish "Kantamoinen"(Sähkö)
Boom Boom Chlack : Dantition Nocturne "Compil Autodid_act4"(Qod
Le Marquis De Kadavre : Vos Gueules Les Mouettes "Compil Autodid_act4"(Qod
K : R Attiq Pandemie "Compil Autodid_act4"(Qod
Princesse Rotative : Femmes Tristes "Culture Steack"(Purée Noire
Enduser : Kreep Step "Caustic Pulse EP"(Damage / Peace Off)


Emission du 5 décembre 2005

Primal Scream : MBV Arkestra (If They Move Kill 'em) "XTRMNTR"(Creation
Otto Von Schirach : Earjuice Synthesis (Mochipet remix) "Armpit Buffet"(Schematic
Glen Velez : Atom Tm remix "External Combution"(Schematic
Tom Cora : Burning Hoop "Compil Hallelujah, Anyway - Remembering Tom Cora"(Tzadik
Tom Cora & Iva Bittova : Vepiranka "Compil Hallelujah, Anyway - Remembering Tom Cora"(Tzadik
Skeleton Crew : Man or Monkey "Country of Blinds"(Rift)
The Ex & Tom Cora : State of Shock "Scrabbling at the Lock"(Rec Rec Rcds)
Ian Simmonds : The Dog "International Songs EP"(Musik Krause)
Un Caddie Renversé Dans L'Herbe : Fake Orange Suede "Now There's A Weird Taste In My Mouth"(Dekorder
Cylob : Flad "Previously Unavailable On Compact Disc"(Rephlex
Jackson & His Computer Band : Teen Beat Ocean "Smash"(Warp
Coldcut : Boogieman "Sound Mirrors"(Ninja Tune
[1] Kilo of black Bondage : Track #3 "Fear The Window"(Ronda Label
Gang of Four : At Home He's A Tourist "Peel Sessions"(Strange Fruit)
Undertones : Mars Bars "The Undertones"(Dojo)
Kero : Drop (Lowfish's Killed And Rekilled Mix) "Compil Detroit Underground Vol. 5"(Detroit Underground
Metamatics : Manchester/Sheffield "3 Jak And Dive"(Hydrogen Dukebox
Copeau : "Compil Autodid_act4"(Qod


Emission du 28 novembre 2005

Primal Scream : Primal Scream Loaded Screamadelica Creationoaded "Screamadelica"(Creation
The Telescopes : Anticipating Nowhere "Taste"(Cheree Rcds)
O : La Trompette de l'ange "Numéro 0"(Antenna Rcds
Boards of Canada : Chromakey Dreamcoat "The Campfire Headphase"(Warp
Metamatics : Busking Robot "3 Jak And Dive"(Hydrogen Dukebox
Alias : Penny Drops (feat. Jel) "All Things Fixable"(Goodwithmoney Recordings)
Alva Noto : Party Plasibenpius (For rune Lindblad) "Compil The Hidden City : Sound Portraits from Göteborg"(Sub Rosa
Scanner & Jean-Paul Dessy : Out Of The Trench And Wading Backwards "Play Along"(Sub Rosa
Sutekh : Boulez' Toes "Compil Microsolutions To Megaproblems"(Soul Jazz)
Napoli Is Not Nepal : Transporter "Compil Pigeon Funk Remixed"(Onitor
Kammerflimmer Kollektief : Absencen (Sutekh remix) "Compil Sutekh - Born Again: Collected Remixes 1999-2005"(Leaf -
Secret Mommy : Dance Studio (Edit) "The Wire Tapper Vol. 14"(The Wire Magazine
World's End Girlfriend : Cannibal In The Beach "Compil Summer Tracks"(Romz
Repeater : Ultra Violet "Compil Summer Tracks"(Romz
Black Ham aka Rotator : "DTL vs Black Ham EP"(Ruff / Peace Off -
Eight Frozen Modules : My Garden "Rejected Resident EP"(Mutant Sniper / Peace Off -
Kieran Hebden & Steve Reid : Soul Oscillations (Excerpt) "The Wire Tapper Vol. 14"(The Wire Magazine


Emission du 21 novembre 2005

June Of 44 : Henry's Revenge "In The Fishtank Vol. 6"(Konkurrent
Goldie feat. KRS One : Digital (Armand Van Helden's Speed Garage Mix) "Digital EP"(Ffrr)
AFX : Children Talking "Hangable Auto Bulb"(Warp
Dälek : Classical Homicide "Megaton / Classical Homicide EP"(Matador
Kid606 vs Dälek : Now Im Completely Ruined (Remix) "Ruin It EP"(Tigerbeat6)
Dälek vs Faust : T-Electronique "Derbe Respect, Alder"(Staubgold
Dälek : Ever Somber "Absence"(Ipecac
Odd Nosdam : My Prayer Rug (feat. Jessica Bailiff & Jesse Edwards) "Untitled Three EP"(Anticon
Vladislav Delay, Agf & Craig Amstrong : Favourite Chord "The Dolls"(Huume
Aavikko : Wot Wot Neozulu "Back From The Futer"(Stupido Rcds
Jackson And His Computer Band : Tropical Metal "Smash"(Warp
Andrey Kiritchenko : Both My Sides "True Delusion"(Nexsound / Spekk
Radian : Unje "Compil Rural Psychogeography"(Nexsound
Andrey Kiritchenko : My Threes "Scatter Stars"(minusN
Frank Bretschneider : Pneumatic Airless "Compil Fabelbuch"(Nexsound
Andrey Kiritchenko : Army Of Drums And Strings "Interplays, In Between"(Ad Noiseam)
Princesse Rotative : Track #3 "Culture Steack"(Purée Noire


Emission du 14 novembre 2005

N.W.A. : Fuck Tha Police "Straight Outta Compton"(Priority Rcds
Godflesh : I, Me, Mine "Us And Them"(Earache Rcds)
Somatic Responses : Machines Desire "Pounded Mass"(Hymen
Squaremeter : Acr Flow "The Frozen Spark"(Ant-Zen
Mika Vainio & Chicks On Speed : Flame On (Instrumental Version) "Flame On EP"(ChicksOnSpeed Rcds
Xiu Xiu & Larsen : Distorted Duck "Caiotastico!"(Important Rcds)
Black Dice : Smilling Off (Edit) "Smilling Off EP"(Dfa Rcds
Living Ornaments : Plunderaar from (Narrominded
Magnétophone : Kel’s Vintage Thought "The Man Who Ate The Man"(4AD)
Jan Jelinek : Lemminge Und Lurchen Inc. "Kosmisher Pitch"(~scape
The Exposures : Post-Crossings "Lost Recordings 2000-2004"(Eastern Developments)
Proem : Socially Inept "Socially Inept"(Merck
Julien Neto : Musicbox "Le Fumeur De Ciel"(Type Rcds
Gareth Dickson : Trip In Blanik "from Geostatism web site"(Geostatism
Panne Panne : Après Version 1.2 "from Geostatism web site"(Geostatism
Gel : France Cartigny Un Jour Je Viendrai Te Mettre Un Grand Coup Dans Ton Cul "Hentai Hardcore EP"(Intercontinental Rcds)
Drop The Lime : Glassy Eyes "This Means Forever"(Tigerbeat6)


Emission du 24 octobre 2005

Duritti Column : Arpeggiator "The Guitar And Other Machines"(Factory)
Pita : Chibel (Edit) "Compil Electroni[k] 2005"
Le Bougnât : "Compil Electroni[k] 2005"
Pierre Bastien : Argel Allegra "Compil Electroni[k] 2005"
To Rococo Rot & I-Sound : For A Moment "Music Is A Hungry Ghost"(City Slang
Robert & Ronald Lippock : Fruit of The Loom "Compil Weltecho Box"(Raster-Noton
Robert Lippock : 6 a.m. "Compil Opensource.code"(Source Rcds)
Tarwater : Across The Dial "The Needle Was Travelling"(Morr Music
Robert Lippock & Barbara Morgensten : Kaitusburi "Tesri"(Monika Enterprise
Mapstation : Watch The Stars "Compil Staubgold"(The Wire Magazine
Melt Banana : Surfin' USA " "( )
Vandermark 5 : Saturn (Sun Ra Cover) "Burn The Incline"(Atavistic)
Animal Collective : The Purple Bottle "Feels"(Fat Cat
[1] Kilo of Black Bondage : Track #2 "Fear The Window"(Ronda Label
Panne Panne : Après Version 1.2 "form Geostatism website"(Geostatism
Kid606 : Together (The Secret Charm of Kid606) "PS You Love Me"(Mille Plateaux
Drop The Lime : Glassy Eyes "The Girls EP"(Shadetek Rcds)
Doormouse : Swimming With The Fishes "Stanley Yershinowski Presents... Xylophone Jism As The Ridiculator"(Addict / Cock Rock Disco)


Emission du 17 octobre 2005

The Legendary Pink Dots : City Ghosts "Chemical Playschool 1+2"(Terminal Kaleidescope)
Edward K-Spell : AAzhyd China Doll "AAzhyd China Doll"(Torso)
Aoki Takamasa & Tujiko Noriko : Doki Doki Last Night "28"(Fat Cat
The Lappetites : Tzugentwist "Before the Libretto"(Queksilber)
Vladislav Delay, Agf & Craig Amstrong : Collect The blue "The Dolls"(Huume
Tarwater : 70 Rupies to Paradise Road "Dwellers On The Threshold"(Kitty-Yo
Man : Acoustique "Compil Electroni[k] 2004"( )
Perceval Music : Eau forte "Vie Scolaire"(Effervescence
Domotic : Turquoise / Trotzdem "Ask The Tiger"(Active Suspension
Pierre Bastien : Deep Speed "Mecanoïd"(Rephlex
Pita : Chibel (Edit) "Compil Electroni[k] 2005"( )
Modeselektor : The Death Medley "Death Medlay EP"(Bpitch Control
Detect : Milk Bottle "Compil Electroni[k] 2005"( )
Ra : Intro "Raoul Loves You"(Coredump
Le Bougnât : Track #4 (Live) ""(Auto Prod)
dDamage & TTC : Trop Singe "Trop Singe EP"(Clapping Music)
Tepr : Crève, Salope! "Cote Ouest"(Idwet
Finesse & Runway : Shallow Tunnels "Finesse & Runway"(Schematic


Emission du 10 octobre 2005

Bump & Grind : Pan Odissey (Third Eye Foundation Remix) "Init Sequence"(Sub Rosa
Third Eye Foundation : What Is It With You "Little Lost Soul"(Domino
Animal Collective : Did You See The Words "Feels"(Fat Cat
Black Dice : Twins "Broken Ear Record"(Dfa Rcds)
Jan Jelinek : Lithiummelodie 1 "Kosmischer Pitch"(~scape
Andrew Pekler : Ogonjok "Strings + Feedback"(Staubgold
Arovane : Tokyo Ghost Stories "Lillies "(City Centre Offices
Ammon Contact : BBQ Plate (Telefon Tel Aviv Mix) "Compil Microsolutions To Megaproblems"(Soul Jazz)
DJ Rupture : Sickle Cell "Redux EP"(Broklyn Beqts)
Terminal 11 : In Place of Love (feat. B. Bond) "Illegal Nervous Habits"(Cock Rock Disco
Datach'i : Rockafeller Estate "The Elements"(Sublight Rcds)
Exillon : Omeko "Prequiem"(Component Rcds)
Headphone Science : The Detective Flight Pattern (feat. Justin Harrison) "With Lines So Clean"(True Call)
Pierre Bastien : Odovinil "Musiques Paralloidres"(Lowlands)
Gangpol Und Mit : Comment allons-nous ce faire, permettez-moi le vous expliquer "Compil Electroni[k] 2005"
Le Bougnât : Track #3 (Live) ""(Auto Prod)


Emission du 26 septembre 2005

Coil : Aqua Regis "Scatology"(Force & Form)
VVV (aka Alan Vega, Mika Vainio & Ilpo Vaisanen : Selling Monkeys "Resurection River"(Mego
Contagious Orgasm & Zyrtax : Orange Future "DNA Loops"(SSSM)
Telerotor : Lärmkulisse "Mobilität"(Ant-Zen
Sebastien Roux & Christophe Bailleau : Artifice "Compil Lagrimas de Miedo Vol. 12"(Feardrop)
Désaccord Majeur : Nomad 27 "Compil Lagrimas de Miedo Vol. 5"(Feardrop)
Thomas Köner : Zyklop Trailer "Compil Lagrimas de Miedo Vol. 10"(Feardrop)
Dither : My Fishing Pole Is Broken "Compil Lagrimas de Miedo Vol. 12"(Feardrop)
Vromb : Source. e.g "Compil Lagrimas de Miedo Vol. 7"(Feardrop)
Coh : The Perfect Blow "Compil Lagrimas de Miedo Vol. 9"(Feardrop)
Odd Nosdam : Untitled One "Burner"(Anticon
Saul Williams : Talk To Strangers "Saul Williams"(Fader Label)
Subtitle : Young Dangerous Heart "Young Dangerous Heart"(Gold Standard Laboratories
Vorpal : Hip Hop Wabisabi "An Incomplete Guide To Vorpal Music"(Cock Rock Disco
Arpanet : Incertainty Principle "Quantum Transposition"(Rephlex
Yuichiro Fujimoto : After Rain "Kinoe"(Audio Dregs)
Ra : Adx Rebirth "Compil Hipothetik Disaster"(Hip Notik)
Exchpoptrue : Ugly Pop "Compil Electroni[k] 2005"


Emission du 19 septembre 2005

Bästard : Growing Daisies "Radiant, Discharged, Crossed-Off"(Semantic)
Narcophony (aka Eric Aldéa & Ivan Chiossone) : Every Sweet Song Is Mine "Kabul"(0101-music
Nat : Glass "Compil Liquid Architecture"(The Wire Magazine
[1] Kilo of Black Bondage : Fear The Windows "Fear The Windows"(Ronda Label
Blir : Track #8 "Raster-Post Series #8"(Raster-Noton
Nôze : Fuckinmido "Craft Sounds And Voices"(Circus Company
Matthew Herbert : Fatter, Slimmer, Faster, Slower "Plat Du Jour"(Accidental
Ommm : Catwalk TV "Testing The Equipment"(Adaadat
Electronic Music Composer : Everything New Is Old "Abandon Music"(Planet Mu
Afx vs The Bug & Daddy Freddy : Run The Place Red (AFX Mix) "Smojphace EP"(Men Records)
Joseph Nothing : Every Beauty Has Its Scum (Whore Mix) "Compil Summer Tracks"(Romz
Shiro The Goodman : Brazilian Skip "Compil Summer Tracks"(Romz
Com.a : Ghetto Magic "Compil Summer Tracks"(Romz
Milky-Chu : Swimming Race For Sentimental Swimming School "Compil Summer Tracks"(Romz
Modeselektor feat. TTC : Dancing Box "Hello Mom!"(Bpitch Control
dDamage : Welcome "Compil Electroni[k] 2005"( )
Gangpol Und Mit : Quand vous travailez avec votre pc … " Vous avez profit d'instant communication avec tout le monde EP"(
Main : Node "Compil Lagrimas de Miedo Vol. 12"(Feardrop)


Emission du 12 septembre 2005

R. L. Burnside : Going Down South "A Ass Pocket of Wiskey"(Matador
Pierre Bastien : Argel Allegra "Compil Electroni[k] 2005" www.
Domotic : Animals Are Ugly And So Am I "Ask For Tiger"(Active Suspension
Akufen : I Won't Buy You </

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