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*** La Peau Des Héros
*** La Peau Des Héros

Playlist 2004

Play-List La Peau Des Héros 2004 (ordre alphabétique )

Ae : "Bootleg"(Sonig
Agf : "Language Is The Most - Ars Electronica 2003"(Quecksilber
Alias : "Muted"(Anticon
Alva Noto & Opiate : "2nd opto"(Hobby Industries
Clouddead : "10"(Anticon
Cocorosie : "La Maison de mon RÍve"(Touch & Go
Colleen : "Everyone Alive Wants Answers"(Leaf)
Daedelus : "Of Snowdonia"(Plug Research
Dat Politics : "Go Pets Go"(ChicksOnSpeed Rcds
Depth Affect : "Mesquin Eye"(Autres Directions)
Dino Felipe : "Flim Tobby"(Schematic
Dwayne Sodahberk : "Unfortunately"(Tigerbeat 6
Electric Kettle : "Drunk & Disordely EP"(Combine)
Faust vs D‰lek : "Derbe Respect, Alder"(Staubgold
Fennesz : "Venice"(Touch
Freeform : "Wildcat EP"(Skam
Greg Davis : "Curling Pond Woods"(Carpark Rcds
HervÈ Boghossian : "Mouvements"(Raster-Noton
Hydrus vs. Kettel : "Split Series #2"(Narrominded
Icarus : "I Tweet The Birdy Electric"(Leaf)
Juicy Panic : "Otarie"(InPolySons)
Kevin Blechdom : "Bitches Without Britches"(ChicksOnSpeed Rcds
Komet : "Gold"(Raster-Noton
Leafcutter John : "The Housebound Spirit"(Planet Mu
Man's Best Friend : "The New Human Is Illegal"(Morr Music
Mou, Lips! : "Peanuts And Shells Geometria"(List)
Mouse On Mars : "Radical Connector"(Sonig
Nettle : "Firecamp Stories Remixes"(The Agriculture
Nick Forte : "Pasted Lakes"(Schematic
Niobe : "Voodooluba"(Sonig
Otto Von Schirach : "Global Speaker Fisting"(Schematic / Addict Rcds)
Ove Naxx : "Bullets From Habikino City H*C*"(Soot
Pan Sonic : "Kesto"(Mute
Squarepusher : "Ultravisitor"(Warp
Subtle : "A New White"(Lex Rcds)
Thomas Brinckmann : "Tokyo +1"(Max.Ersnt)
Triosk : "Moment Returns"(~scape
Tujiko Noriko : "From Tokyo To Nagaiara"(Tomlab
Venetian Snares : "Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Uunfolding"(Panet Mu)
Wasteland : "October"(Transparent
Compilation : "Children of Mu"(Planet Mu
Compilation : "Dura Matters"(Zod Rcds)
Compilation : "The Noise & The City"(Autres Directions)
Compilation : "Lagrimas de Miedo Vol. 10"(Feardrop)
Compilation : "Bip-hop Generation Vol. 7"(Bip-hop
Compilation : "Instruments"(List)
Compilation : "Clicks & Cuts 4"(MillePlateauxMedia)
Compilation : "Haunted Weather"(Staubgold
Compilation : "Yeoldebarn"(Addict Rcds
Compilation : "Blu Tribunl"(Inflatabl)
Compilation : "Detroit Underground (Part 1)"(Detroit Underground


Emission du 27 décembre 2004 : Home (or not) Made Mix Vol. 12

Stock, Hausen & Walkman : Vtol "Organ Transplant Vol.1 "(Hot Air
Nettle vs Leafcutter John : The Ballad of Jimmy Hollin is More Awkward Than That "Firecamp Stories Remixes"(The Agriculture
Greg Davis : Pinecone Accumulation "Compil Vestibule & Separate Cottage Industries 3 "(Neo Ouija
Clouddead : Dead Dogs Two (Boards of Canada remix) "Dead Dogs Two EP"(Mush - / Big Dada -
Alias : Shoes, Cards + Soft Drinks "Muted"(Anticon
NMB Allstars : Via alt "Bolton 8 EP"(33)
Telefon Tel Aviv : What It Is Without The Hand That Wields It "Map Of What Is Effortless"(Hefty Rcds
Steve Reich : Megamix (Tranquility Bass Remix) "Reich Remixed"(Nonesuch
Shamen : Purple Haze "Compil Out Of Time"(Imaginary Rcds)
Ekkehard Ehlers, Joseph Suchy & Franz Hautzinger : Soundchambers 1 "Soundchambers"(Staubgold
Motion : Electric Pets "Fat Cat Split Series #11 Matmos/Motion"(Fat Cat
Greg Davis : Guitar As Lines "Clouds as Edges"(Grounded Rcds)
Nick Forte : Crack & Device "Pasted Lakes"(Schematic
Colleen : A Swimming Pool Down The Railway Track "Everyone Alive Wants Answers"(Leaf -
Ekkehard Ehlers : Plays Albert Ayler "Plays"(Staubgold
Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto : Duoon "Vriion"(Raster-Noton
Alejandra & Aeron : Kitchen (edit) "Compil Fat Cat Split Series 9-16 "(Fat Cat
Modul : Clear "Isol"(Raster-Noton
Pixel : Dream "Display"(Raster-Noton
ae : Cocktails "Bootleg"(Sonig
Team Doyobi : Push Chairs For Grown Ups (Made Remix) " Push Chairs For Grown Ups (Remixes)"(Skam
Gimmick : Why You Wanna Hurt Me (Radio Edit) "Why You Wanna Hurt Me"(Orange Rcds)
Gold Chains feat. Nina Oppenheim : Burn Babylon "Compil Tigerbeat6 Inc."(Tigerbeat 6
Knifehandchop : Taking The Soul Of Music (Joseph Nothing Remix) "TKO From Tokyo"(Tigerbeat 6
Kevin Blechdom : Boob-a-q "Bitches Without Britches"(ChicksOnSpeed Rcds
Jason Forrest : 10 Amazing Years "The Unrelenting Songs Of The 1979 Post Disco Crash"(Sonig
? : Rockafeller Skank (Hidden Track) "Compil Osmosis"(Leaf)


Emission du 20 décembre 2004

Howie B. : Leaving Home "Last Bingo in Paris"(Mk2 Music
Kevin Blechdom : Bucktoof Rebound (feat. Jel & Sole) "Bitches Without Britches"(ChicksOnSpeed Rcds
Alias : Shoes, Cards + Soft Drinks "Muted"(Anticon
Subtle : Eyewash "A New White"(Lex Rcds -
Githead : To Have & To Hold "Compil The Wire Tapper Vol. 12"(The Wire Magazine
Carter Tutti : Unreality (Edit) "Compil The Wire Tapper Vol. 12"(The Wire Magazine
Matmos : Matmos L.a.s.i.K Compil Haunted Weather Staubgold.a.s.i.K "Compil Haunted Weather"(Staubgold
Derek Bailey & John Stevens : Reflecters "Compil Haunted Weather"(Staubgold
Asa-Chang & Junray : Senaka "Senaka EP"(Music Mine Inc.)
Shalabi Effect : Mr. Titz (The Relevator) "The Trial Of St-Orange"(Alien 8
Polmo Polpo : Dreaming (… Again) "Compil Song of The Silent Land"(Constellation
Microstoria : Unnecessary Patience (remixed by The Sea & Cake) "Reprovisers (Japan Edition)"(Mille Plateaux
Mitchell Akiyama : Capsized Sigh and a Highjacked Smile "Compil Instruments"(List -
Tim Koch : Ghost Track "Compil The Noise & The City"(Autres Directions
Sink : Anorak "Compil Bee!"(Bee Records -
Princesse Rotative : Rhina R "Fabuleuse Energie Féminine"(Purée Noire
Bogdan Raczynski : Unsatisfied Consumer "Thinking of You"(Rephlex
Ponga vs Amon Tobin : Pick Up The Pieces Of Saturn (Mosh Mix) "Remixed"(Loosegroove Records)


Emission du 13 décembre 2004

Albert Ayler : Our Prayer (Germany, 1966) "Holy Ghost Box Set"(Revenant -
Happy Apple : Salmon Jump Suit "Youth Oriented"(Universal)
1-Speed Bike : Fair Warning "Compil Song of The Silent Land"(Constellation
Greg Davis : Centermost "Curling Pond Woods"(Carpark Rcds
Brian Wilson : Mrs. O'Leary's Cow "Smile"(Nonesuch)
Fm3 : "Compil Bip-hop Generation Vol. 7"(Bip-hop
Coh : ...and Shuttled Across the Sky "Compil Two Point Two"(12k -
Byetone : Lumen Track #1 "Compil (O)acis Box"(Raster-Noton
Radioboy (aka Matthew Herbert) : Oil "The Mechanics of Destruction"(Accidental
Vladislav Delay : Mania Add1 "Demo(n) Cuts EP"(Huume -
Jan Jelinek : Western Mimikry "Compil But Then Again"(~scape
Rechenzentrum : Der See "Compil Team Kitty-Yo"(Kitty-Yo
Laub : Gonzales Wake Up Remix "Compil Team Kitty-Yo"(Kitty-Yo
Peaches & Gonzales : Hot Pink Hot Sex "Compil Team Kitty-Yo"(Kitty-Yo
Sex In Dallas feat. Billa Doll : Wir Sind Nicht Romantiques "Compil Team Kitty-Yo"(Kitty-Yo
Wasteland : Sandwood "October"(Transparent -
Team Shadetek : Limes "Burnerism"(Warp
Drop The Lime : Chump Killers "Compil Carbon"(Mirex -


Emission du 6 décembre 2004

Tortoise : Djed "Live @ Festival Scopitone - Nantes 2004"(Thrill Jockey
Sayag Jazz Machine : Ali Goes On! "Anachromic"(Mosaic Music)
Cinematic Orchestra : Theme de Yoyo "The Man With The Movie Camera"(Ninja Tune
Triosk : Tomorrow Today "Compil But Then Again"(~scape
Dino Felipe : Uvvu & Climb "I'm You"(Schematic
Console : La Le Lu (Cover Version) "Compil Music For Children"(Bruchstuecke -
Team Shadetek : Two & Half Months "Burnerism"(Warp
East Flatbush Project : Tried by 12 (Funkstörung mix) "Tried by 12"(Chocolate Industries
Beans : You're Dead, Let's Disco "Shock City Maverick"(Warp
Burnt Friedman & The Nu Dub Players : Fuck Back (3:56 Version) "Compil The Wire Tapper Vol. 12"(The Wire Magazine -
Am/Pm : The Ends "Compil The Wire Tapper Vol. 12"(The Wire Magazine -
Christian Fennesz, Mika Vainio & Christian Zanesi : Transfers "Grm Experience"(Signature / Radio France)
Mimeo : Cd1 Track #4 "Live @ Serpentine Gallery Sept. 2003"(Serpentine Gallery -
Emisor : Disolucion Imaginaria "Compil Bip-hop Generation Vol. 7"(Bip-hop
Bizz Circuits : Ghetto Ambient "Compil Clicks & Cuts 4"(Mille Plateaux
Lars Hornveth : 1. Lesson in Violin "Pooka"(Smalltown Supersound)
Psychon : Zoom at The Professors "Apocalypse Has Been Dubbed The Weekend Pill"(Narrominded
NWA : Fuck Tha Police "Straight Outta Compton (Remastered)"(Priority Rcds -


Emission du 29 novembre 2004

Spacemen 3 : Big City "Big City / Drive EP"(Dedicated Rcds)
Coil : Titan Arch " Love's Secret Domain"(Wax Trax)
The Fall : Mess of My "The Peel Sessions - The Sampler"(Strange Fruit)
Calvin Johnson : Sorry Entertainer "Compil Discovered, Covered - The Late, Great Daniel Johnston"(Gammon -
Daniel Johnston : Daniel Johnston : "Compil Discovered, Covered - The Late, Great Daniel Johnston"(Gammon -
Lali Puna : Micronomic (Boom Bip remix) "Micronomic EP"(Morr Music
Secret Frequency Crew : Track #4 "Forest of the Echo Downs"(Schematic
Lexaunculpt : Samus "Compil The Children of Mu"(Planet Mu
Electric Birds : When I See the Sun "Compil Clicks & Cuts 4"(Mille Plateaux
Taylor Deupree : Stret-Light "Compil Bip-hop Generation Vol. 7"(Bip-hop
Ghislain Poirier : Les enfants sont des éponges "Compil Bip-hop Generation Vol. 7"(Bip-hop
Akosh S. Unit : Track #1 "Nap Mint Nap"(Emarcy / Universal)
Beastie Boys : Flute Loop "Ill Communication"(Grand Royal)
Kraftwerk : Metall auf Metall "Trans Europe Express"(Capitol)
Dat Politics : This Way "Go, Pets Go"(ChicksOnSpeed Rcds -
Mouse On Mars : Detected Beats "Radical Connector"(Thrill Jockey
Blevin Blectum : It's All Becuz "Magic Maple"(Praemedia)
Niobe : Tengo Yoruba "Voodooluba"(Sonig
Agf : Dornauge "Agf + Kyborg - Constant Variable 1"(Neue Berliner Initiative)
Komet : Weiss "Gold"(Raster-Noton
Mitchell Akiyama : May 15, Marché Jean-Talon June 15, Rue de Châteaubriand "va - The Noise & The City"(Autres Directions


Emission du 22 novembre 2004

Gallon Drunk : Bedlam "From The Heart of Town"(Clawfist)
Big Black : The Model "Songs About Fucking"(Touch & Go
Kraftwerk : Das Modell "The Man-Machine"(Capitol)
Lesbians On Extasy : The Pleasure Principal "from Alien 8 web site"(Alien 8
The Bug feat. Warrior Queen : World War "Aktion Pak"(Rephlex
Eight Frozen Modules : Dogs Bark People Grow "Compil Clicks & Cuts 4"(Mille Plateaux
Ultra-Red : Neue Wirtschaft (Freedom Of Movement) "Compil Clicks & Cuts 4"(Mille Plateaux
Si-{Cut}.Db : Rosalind "Tonne: Soundtoy V.1"(Bip-hop -
David Bowie : Ashes to Ashes ( Håkan Lidbo remix) "Compil Mask 500"(Skam
Tim Hecker : Kaito "Mirages"(Alien 8
Bola : Track #2 "Gnayse"(Skam
Berg Sans Nipple : We Try to Resist but … "Form of …"(Prohibited)
Dub Tractor : A Meter "Faster EP"(City Centre Offices
Beequeen : On The Road To Everywhere (Live Rochester 2003) "Compil Lagrimas De Miedo Vol. 11"(Feardrop)
Michelle Agnès : Moite "Compil Arkhana Vol. 1"(Rmax)
El Gusano Rojo : Krstic Funhouse "Compil La fascination de la musique russe"(Hijos De Puta
Princesse Rotative : Deadcore "Fabuleuse Energie Féminine"(Purée Noire -
Secret Frequency Crew : Neon Bridge "Forest of the Echo Downs"(Schematic


Emission du 15 novembre 2004

Sonic Youth with Lydia Lunch : Death Valley 69 "Bad Moon Rising"(Homestead)
Random Numbers : Fennings "Compil The Noise & The City"(Autres Directions
Wang Lei : Thousand " "(Bailong Music)
Keith Fullerton Whitman : Keith Fullerton Whitman Lixus (version analogique) Schoner Flussengel Krankyixus (version analogique) "Schoner Flussengel"(Kranky
Dino Felipe : Chairsex (Copper) "I'm You"(Schematic
Archipel : Note à note, la "D'une enceinte à l'autre"(Ylab)
Triosk : Two; Twelve "Moment Returns"(Leaf)
Pan Sonic : Konnat / Toads "Kesto"(Mute
El Gusano Rojo : Krstic Funhouse "Compil La fascination de la musique russe"(Hijos De Puta
Otto Von Schirach : Dorktronics "Global Speaker Fisting"(Schematic
Steel : Help Yourself (Gridlock Mix) "The Connected Series #4"(Klangkrieg - )
Flashbulb : The Big Orange Love "Resent and the April Sunshine Shed"(Alphabasic)
Joseph Nothing : Martian's Bazaar "Deadland after Dreamland"(Romz)
Hexstatic : Pulse "Master View"(Ninja Tune
Bus & Dabrye : What is Paris "Compil But Then Again"(~scape
Sage Francis : Sea Lion (feat. Will Oldham) "A Healthy Distrust"(Epitath)
Freeform : No More Blues "Compil Blu Tribunl"(Inflatabl)


Emission du 8 novembre 2004

Pavement : Cut Your Hair "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (LA's Desert Origins)"(Matador
Pavement : Kennel District "Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (LA's Desert Origins)"(Matador
Radian : Transistor "Juxtaposition"(Thrill Jockey
I'm Not A Gun : Every Moment is Ours "Our Lives On Wednesdays"(City Center Offices)
dDamage : Aeroplanes "Radio Ape"(Planet Mu
TTC : Trop Singe (dDamage remix) "Trop Singe EP"(Clapping Music)
Ove-Naxx : Warte "Bullets From Habikino City H*C*"(Soot
Nettle : Ensemblaje "Build a Fort, Set That on Fire"(Agriculture)
Cylob : Kyoto "Music System 3000 Vol. 1"(Rephlex
Squarepusher : Venus No. 17 (Acid Mix) "Venus No. 17 EP"(Warp
Venetian Snares : Bonivital "Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding"(Planet Mu
Otto Von Schirach : Dorktronics "Global Speaker Fisting"(Schematic
Sogar : Monohr "Apikal.Blend"(12k)
Vladislav Delay : Otan Osaa "Demo(n) Tracks"(Huume)
So Takahashi : Made In U.S.A. "Compil Japanese Avant-Garde"(Sub Rosa)
Akufen : Ain't Gonna Beg You No More "Compil Blu Tribunl"(Inflatabl)
Xiu Xiu : Brian The Vampire "Fabulous Muscles"(5rc)
Daedelus : Turncoats In Tourniquets "A Gent Agent"(Laboratory Instinct)


Emission du 25 octobre 2004

Ikue Mori, Robert Quine & Marc Ribot : Mojave "Painted Desert"(Avant Records),,
Asa-Chang & Junray : Parlor "Senaka EP"(Leaf -
Freeform : Skim & Skiffle "Wildcat EP"(Skam
Folie : Lanugo "Compil Mitek Process"(Mitek
Håkan Lidbo : Hypocrites "Ultrachrome"(Textone -)
Ralph Lundsten : Brain Safari "Hyper-Technical Touch (Riktiga Instrument Series .05)"(Stuporsonika
Dwayne Sodahberk : Rwb "Rwd (Riktiga Instrument Series .04)"(Stuporsonika
Subtle : Eyewash "A New White"(Lex Rcds -
Anti-Pop Consortium : Human Shield "Arrythmia"(Warp
Cyne : Self Exam "Time Being"(Botanica Del Jibaro)
DJ Rupture feat. Elisabeth Alexander : Overture - Watermelon City "Special Gunpower"(Tigerbeat 6
Mou, Lips! : Seppia Rossa (Tape Remix) "Nord Me"(Observatory

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