60 mn

Un week-end bien rempli avec "Un Poco Too Much"...

... en commençant par l'église avec Fontaines DC ...

... puis une petite braderie avec Yard Act !

GIRL AND GIRL Misery Man A Typical Friday Night  (ep) 2021
THE WEDDING PRESENT I Am Not Going To Fall In Love With You (single) 2022
FONTAINES DC I Love You (single) 2022
YARD ACT  The Overload The Overload 2022
SASAMI Need It To Work Squeeze 2022
THE LEMONHEADS Alison's starting to Happen (acoustic) It's A Shame About Ray (30th Anniversary Edition) 1992
BLOC PARTY Sex Magic (single) 2022
Mr BEN & THE BENS How Do I Get To You? Melody Shed 2021
NAMESAKE Operational Redeeming Features 2021
WET LEG Angelica (single) 2022
HELLO MARY Stinge (single) 2022
PEARLY Rub Eye/Red Eye Silver Of The Mirror 2022
SHRAPNEL Corporate Clamp Alasitas  2021
POLIÇA Rotting (single) 2022
SUN  CUTTER  Daylight Star Sun Cutter 2022