60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" 

des fringues avec The Linda Lindas...

et un flingue pour Astragal !

MISSIO Say Something  Villain 2022
RÖYKSOPP Some resolve Profound Mysteries II 2022
ASTRAGAL The Abstraction Pure Cashmere 2022
BLACKLAB Crows, Sparrows and Cats (feat Laetitia Sadier) In A Bizarre Dream 2022
ONEIDA Opportunities Success 2022
ORBITAL & SLEAFORD MODS Dirty Rat (single) 2022
BILLY NOMATES Saboteur forcefield (single) 2022
PARTY DOZEN Macca The Mutt (feat. Nick Cave)  The Real Work 2022
THICK Happiness Happy Now 2022
LEFTFIELD feat. GRIAN CHATTEN Full Way Round (single) 2022
PHOENIX Winter Solstice (single) 2022
THE LINDA LINDAS Oh! Growing Up 2022
ICEAGE All The Junk On The Outskirts Shake The Feeling: Outtakes & Raretés 2015​-​2021  2022
DESARIO Run Through Signal And Noise 2022