60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" comment passer son temps (à part écouter notre émission);

participer au concours d'avion en papier avec Italia 90...


... ou carrément construire sa propre maison grâce aux conseils de Kosmetika


THE GO ! TEAM The Power Is On Thunder, Lightning, Strike 2004
SHANGRI-LASS Parallel Over & Over (ep) 2023
NIGHT SPINS Woohoo Woohoo (ep) 2023
BAXTER DURY Crowded Rooms I Thought I Was Better Than You 2023
BLONDE REDHEAD Snowman (Single) 2023
MODEL ACTRIZ Slate Dogsbody 2023
STEPHEN STEINBRINK Opalescent Ribbon (Single) 2023
BAR ITALIA Clark Tracey Denim 2023
ITALIA 90 Tales From Beyond Living Human Treasure 2023
MOAR Shrympanati Baby I Am Cheap 2023
WATER FROM YOUR EYES True Life Everyone’s Crushed 2023
MOTORAMA Unknown Sleep, And I Will Sleep 2023
THE MYSTERINES Begin Again (Single) 2023
KOSMETIKA House Illustration 2023
KICKING BIRD  Talking to Girls (On the Internet) Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 2023