# 69

120 mn
# 69


Cave Sex - Survival/Affliction (Symphony of Destruction)
Endora y sus Vicios - Distorsión Menta (El Lokal)
Mannequin Pussy - I Got Heaven (Epitaph Records)
Killmoves - Ups And Downs (But Mostly Downs)
The Choices - These Are The Days (Randale Records)
DeeCracks - Don't Rely on Me (Striped MusicPirates Press Records)
Bad Nerves - You've Got the Nerve (Suburban Records)
Death Lens - Disturb The Peace (Epitaph Records)
Pet Needs - Sleep When I'm Dead (Xtra Mile Recordings)
Raincheck - Cleanded Out (Joe Cool RecordsBad Wolf Records)
Blood Command - Heaven's Hate (Loyal Blood Records / Hassle Records)
Gang! - Bruce Lee
Shitty Life - Your Life, Their Choice (Refuse Records)
Judy And The Jerks - Worth A Shot (Refuse Records)
Halo Bite - Love Lighter
Walled City - Righteous One
Sleazy Joke - Viva Pastaga (Mass Prod)
Mass Murderers - Cider Breakfast (Mass Prod)
The Hope Conspiracy - The West Is Dead (Deathwish Inc.)
Man With Rope - Death Narrative
Real Deal - Perceive The Light (Useless Pride Records)
Speed - The First Test (Flatspot Records)
Calcine - Back to Fight (Church Road Records)
Deviant - Worldwide Infection
Deal With God - The Bitter Die Hard (Ephyra)
Candy - Existenz (Relapse Records)
Woe to All - This World Was Never Made For Me
Umbra Vitae - Belief Is Obsolete (Deathwish Inc.)
The Red Chord - Dreaming in Dog Years (Black Market Activities / Deathwish Inc.)
Grist - Priority (Source Atone Records)
Thou - I Feel Nothing When You Cry (Sacred Bones Records)
Djiin - Blind (Klonosphere)
The Lumberjack Feedback - Failing To Witness His Mighty Work (Argonauta Records)
Pit Samprass - Hey Lucy (Kicking Records)


Jeudi 20 Juin

Raincheck + Sid @Ty Anna (Rennes)

Vendredi 21 & Samedi 22 Juin

Superbowl of Hardcore Festival @Jardin Modern (Rennes)

Jeudi 4 Juillet

Deecracks + UFO & Cows + Neds @ Ty Anna (Rennes)

Samedi 6 Juillet

Sleazy Joke + Mohicaen @ Melody Maker (Rennes)

Mardi 9 Juillet

Calcine + Deviant + Entertain the Terror @ Ty Anna (Rennes)

Mercredi 17 Juillet

WOE to All  + Corium + Damnatio Ad Bestias + Tanork @ L'Uzine (Rennes)

Vendredi 26 Juillet

The Choices + Vilebrequin @ Melody Maker (Rennes)

Samedi 27 Juillet

Festival Breizh Disorder @ les Jardins de l'Emeché (Quimper)

Samedi 24 Aout

Festival Fury @ Plumeliau (56)