60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" , une émission toute rose,

avec les ailes d'ange de Nilufer Yanya...

... et la roche radio active de Mr ben & The Bens

EELS Steam Engine Extreme Witchcraft 2022
SMILE MACHINE Pretty Today Bye For Now EP 2021
DAVID SITEK Tiger With Maximum Balloon 2012
YOU SAID STRANGE Run Away Thousand Shadows Vol​.​1 2021
Mr BEN & THE BENS How Do I Get To You? Melody Shed 2021
SMILE Landsort Phantom Island 2021
DAVE DEPPER La Femme D'argent Moon Safari 2022
TARAKA  Psychocastle Welcome to Paradise Lost 2021
GIRL AND GIRL Sex on the Internet A Typical Friday Night  2021
WARPAINT Champion (single) 2022
MELODY'S ECHO CHAMBER Looking Backward (single) 2022
THE MIND Lets Experience Yr Head  Open Up The Window and Leave Your Body 2021
JELLY CRYSTAL Sweet Lime Freak Show 2021
NILÜFER YANYA Midnight Sun (single) 2022