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Canal B propose une mission de Service Civique à partir d’octobre 2021.

Pour son anniversaire la Ferarock organise un marathon radio : 30H d'antenne non-stop à vivre sur toutes vos radios Ferarock les 9 et 10 septembre prochains en direct du Jardin Moderne à Rennes !

*** Le Bruit qui Court
*** Le Bruit qui Court

Actualité et vieilleries électro hip hop dub.

Annonces concert et cadeaux (des fois...)

Playlist et émission du 16 février 2010 (la dernière)

Emission en écoute :




Playlist Bruit qui court 16 février 2010 (dernière)


BK-One “Tema do canibal feat the hypnotic brass ensemble”-Radio Do canibal 2010

BK-One “Gititit feat. Slug et Brother Ali”-Radio Do canibal 2010

BK-One “Mega feat. Aceyalone, Myka 9 et Abstract rude”-Radio Do canibal 2010

Felt “Bass for your truck”- Felt 3 : a tribute to Rosie Perez 2010

Felt “Henrietta longbottom”- Felt 3 : a tribute to Rosie Perez 2010

La coka nostra “Bloody Sunday feat. Big left et Sen dog”-A brand you can trust 2009

La coka nostra “Bang bang feat. Snoop dogg”-A brand you can trust 2009

Beat Assaillant “Rhyme space continum”- Rhyme space continuum 2009

Beat Assaillant “ Underground railroad”- Rhyme space continuum 2009

People under the stairs “Hit the top”-Carried away 2009

People under the stairs “Check the vibe”-Carried away 2009

Mos Def “The tournament”-Inédite en téléchargement gratuit içi

Grayskul  “Duece duece”-Graymaker 2009

Blockhead “The music scene”- The music scene 2009

Blockhead “Tricky turtle”- The music scene 2009

RJD2 “Let There Be Horns”-The colossus 2009

RJD2 “Small Plans”-The colossus 2009

Flying lotus “Ancestors”- Inédite en téléchargement gratuit içi

Natural Self “Believer”-My Heart beats like a drum 2009

Liléa narrative “Cut vice”- Inédite en téléchargement gratuit myspace



Quelques liens pour vous informez sur les sorties indépendantes au cas où :



Playlist et émission du 20 Octobre 2009

Emission en écoute :



Breakestra “No matter where you go”-Dusk till dawn 2009

Brother Ali “Crown Jewell”-Us 2009

Brother Ali “The travelers”-Us 2009

Wax Tailor “Sit and listen”-In the mood for life 2009

Wax Tailor “Say yes (feat. ASM)”-In the mood for life 2009

Abdominal “Breathe later”-Escape from a pigeon hole 2007

Abdominal “Pedal pusher”-Escape from a pigeon hole 2007

Camu Tao “When you’re going down”- Definitive Jux IV 2009

Hail mary mallon “D-up (feat. Aesop rock, Rob sonic and dj big wiz)”-Definitive Jux IV 2009

Sol.illaquists of Sound “Berlin”-As if we existed 2006 En concert le 4/12 Parc Expo Hall 9

Mongrel “Hit from the morning sun”-Better than heavy 2009

Antipop consortium “Shine”-Fluorescent Black 2009

Antipop consortium “Volcano (Four tet remix)”-Fluorescent Black 2009 Titre disponible en téléchargement gratuit içi

Speech Debelle “Speech therapy”- Speech therapy 2009

Qwel and Maker “Friend or foe”-So be it 2009

Mochipet “It ain't trickin if ya got it”-Master P on atari 2009

Filastine “Desordenador”-Dirty bomb 2009

Breakestra “Posed to be (feat. Chali 2na, Mix Master Wolf & DJ Dusk)”-Dusk till dawn 2009


Playlist et émission du 6 Octobre 2009


Emission en écoute:



Esser “ Headlock ”-Braveface 2009

Dizzee Rascal  “Can't Tek No More”- Tongue N’cheek 2009

Wax Tailor “B-boy on wax (feat. Speach defect)”-In the mood for life 2009

Wax Tailor “No pity”-In the mood for life 2009

Cunninlynguists “Nothing but strangeness (feat. Looptroop rockers and hilltop hoods)”-Strange journey volume 1 2009

Cunninlynguists “Hypnotized (feat. Packfm and club dub)-Strange journey volume 1 2009

Awol one and factor-Brains out (feat. Xzibit and B-real) (dj fingaz remix)-Owl hours 2009

Sugahspank “The incredible”-The invisble the incredible 2009

Antipop consortium “Reflections”-Fluorescent Black 2009

Antipop consortium “Volcano”-Fluorescent Black 2009

The Slew (Kid Koala entre autre) “Its all over”-100% album en téléchargement gratuit içi

The Slew (Kid Koala entre autre) “Wrong side of the tracks”-100% album en téléchargement gratuit içi

Sol.illaquists of Sound “Property & malt liquor”-As if we existed 2006 (en concert aux transmusicales 2009)

Sol.illaquists of Sound “Gotham city chase scene”-No more heroes 2009

Brother Ali “The preacher”-Us 2009

Brother Ali “Bestatit”-Us 2009

Mos Def “Revelations”-The ecstatic 2009

1000 names “Monobinate”-Toys room combat 2009

Lord Newborn and the magic skulls “She’s my melody” s/t 2009

Lord Newborn and the magic skulls “Ringa ding ding ding” s/t 2009

Filastine “The sinking ship”-Dirty bomb 2009



Playlist Le Bruit qui court

1 / Sly & Robbie - Billie Jean Taxi Gang Version

2 / Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls - Astro Blue

3 / Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls - Dime Bag Conspiration

4 / Massive Attack - Pray For Rain

5 / Massive Attack - Splitting The Atom

6 / Django Django - Strom

7 / Major Lazer - Baby (Switch Remix)

8 / Major Lazer - Pon de Floor

9 / Dubkasm - Babylon Ambush (Iration Steppas Remix)

10 / Stand High - Addict TV

11 / Stand High - Business Of  War

12 / Shafiq Husayn - Lil Girl Feat. Fatima

13 / Box Cutter - Otherside Remix (Earth Is My Spaceship)

14 / Box Cutter - Lamp Post Funk

15 / Dread Foxx - Kingston Dub

16 / Evidence - I Say You Say (I Need You)

17 / 16 Bit - M De Mosley

18 / Dub Crooks - Malfunction

19 / Caspa & Soundproof - Bring The Lights Down (Caspa Remix)


Playlist du 8 septembre 2009


Emission en écoute:



Playlist du 8 septembre 2009



The Sweet vandals “Again stupidity”-Lovelite 2009

Aceyalone “Lonely ones (feat Bionik) ”-The lonely ones 2009

Q-Tip “Heels”-Kamaal the abstract 2009

Jazz Liberatorz “Capture your mind”-Fruit of the past 2009

Jazz Liberatorz “Mountain Sunlight (feat Mos Def)”-Fruit of the past 2009

Mos def “Supermgic”-The Ecstatic 2009

Mos def “Twilite Speedball”-The Ecstatic 2009

Mr Lif “What about us”-I heard it today 2009

Busdriver “M-time (with the pulmonary palimpsest)”-Jhelli Beam 2009

Speech Debelle “Spinnin”-Speech Therapy 2009

Curse ov dialect “Bird cage alert”-Wooden Tongues 2006

Copperpot “I put a what”-Wyla ? 2006

Copperpot “Blow”-Wyla ? 2006

Qwel and Maker “Back stage pass”-So be it 2009

Qwel and Maker “Paper dolls”-So be it 2009

Chali 2na “Get focused”-Fish outta water 2009

Chali 2na “Lock shit down (feat Talib Kweli)”-Fish outta water 2009

POS “Been afraid”-Never better 2009

Flevans “27 Devils”-27 Devils 2009

Chris Joss “Discotheque dancing”-You’ve been spiked 2004


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