60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" , Bertrand...

Bertrand seul aux manettes

...coiffé comme un communiant et seul aux manettes,

nous propose ses amis musiciens, à commencer par sa copine Blu Detiger

STARFLYER 59 New Guitar Vanity 2021
SLEIGH BELLS Infinity Guitars Treats 2009
CROCODILES  Who Stole My Skateboard?  The Best Of Shitty Times 2021
ANIMAL MAGIC Get It Right Shake The Foundations 2021
ELECTRIC CHAIRS So Many Ways Shake The Foundations 2021
WET LEG Chaise Longue  (single) 2021
SUGAR CANDY MOUNTAIN Running From Fire Impression 2021
THE ENTREPRENEURS What's Up With Your Head? Wrestler 2021
LILY KONIGSBERG At Best The Best of Lily Konigsberg Right Now 2021
BLU DETIGER Cotton Candy Lemonade How Did We Get Here ?  2021
BUFFALO DAUGHTER Global Warming Kills Us All  We Are The Times 2021
SLEAFORD MODS Nudge It  Spare Ribs 2021
MINI SKIRT Pretty  Casino  2020
BILLY NOMATES  Heels Emergency Telephone (ep) 2021
DAVID KITT Did You Lie To Me? Laser Days 2021
PIA FRAUS Now You Know It Still Feels The Same Now You Know It Still Feels The Same 2021
THE MEMORIES Try A Little More Beautiful Sunrise (ep) 2021