60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" Bertrand, seul aux manettes,

qui habituellement est plutôt fleurs bleues...

... tape dans le mille avec Fontaines DC et leur débauche de roses rouges !

WET LEG It's Not Fun (single) 2022
MATT ELLIS Walk Alone Full Moon Fever 2021
YOUNG GUV She Don't Cry For Anyone GUV III 2022
TRIPTIDES It Won't Hurt You Alter Echoes 2021
COOL GHOULS Feel Like Getting High At George's Zoo 2021
FAUNA SHADE No Nostalgia Floral Hall (ep) 2016
DIVISION OF LAURA LEE Enjoy and Be Safe Last Light (ep) 2022
FONTAINE D C Jackie Down the Line Skinty Fia 2022
SPRINTS How Does The Story Go A Modern Job 2022
SILVERBACKS Rolodex City Archive Material 2022
EADES I'm Holding Back Your Hair Delusion Spree 2022
DITZ Three The Great Regression 2022
MOUTH CONGRESS I Guess I'll Just Jerk Off Again   Waiting For Henry  2021
SPREAD JOY Repetition II 2022
POM POM SQUAD Drunk Voicemail Death of a Cheerleader 2021
VUNDABAR Ringing Bell Devil for the Fire  2022
BODEGA Territorial Call Of The Female  Broken Equipment 2022
TRUPA  TRUPA Uniforms  B Flat A  2022
ONETWOTHREE Perfect Illusions Onetwothree 2021
ANDREA LASZLO Immensità Immensita 2020