60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much" au choix;

début champêtre et soirée danse avec Crystal Eyes...

... ou soirée bière karaoké avec Sprints !

COOL SORCERY Golden Stinger When? (ep) 2022
CRYSTAL EYES Wishes The Sweetness Restored 2022
PINK MOUNTAINTOPS Lights Of the City Peacock Pool 2022
GOODING Don't Look Back 99 Rebellions 2022
SPRINTS How Does The Story Go? A Modern Job 2022
SPACE DAZE Peripheral Vision Remote View 2022
MINT JULEP It's My Life Covers 2022
FLOSSING Men on the Menu  (single) 2022
BODEGA Territorial Call Of The Female  Broken Equipment 2022
GIRLS AGAINST BOYS Crash 17 (x-rated car) House of GVSB (25 anniv) 2022
GIRLS AGAINST BOYS Do It Like Diamonds House of GVSB (25 anniv) 2022
BAD ANXIETY  No Shit Demonstration (ep) 2021
FONTAINE D.C. Jackie Down the Line Skinty Fia 2022
ROLLING BLACKOUT C.F. The Way It Shatters Endless Rooms 2022
VERO Cupid Unsoothing Interior 2022
EX VÖIDOID My Only One Bigger Than Before 2022