60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much", Bertrand seul aux manettes,

radio 70's

a su s'entourer, pour oublier Fred, des charmantes teutonnes de xPropaganda


BLUES LAWYER Nowhere To Go All In Good Time 2023
ALEX CHILTON Bangkok Lost Decade (compil.) 1978
THE WALLS Escape from the Light Stray Sparks 2023
XPROPAGANDA Don't (You Mess With Me) Strangely 2023
WATER FROM YOUR EYES True Life Everyone’s Crushed 2023
MIESHA & THE SPANKS Mom Jeans // Mom Genes Unconditional Love In Hi​-​Fi 2023
SUNSHINE RIOT So It Comes Loud, Bright, and Violent  (ep) 2023
URUSEI YATSURA Death 2 Everyone We Are Urusei Yatsura Xxtra Version  2023
LOKI’S FOLLY Into the Darkness Sisu 2023
WORRIERS Never Quite Kicks In Warm Blanket 2023
BABYBABY-EXPLORES  Twiddle Food Near Me, Weather Tomorrow  2023
TICKLES Cold Blood Strange Love TicklesTicklesTicklesTicklesTickles 2022
TOO MUCH JOY Minister of Loneliness Minister of Loneliness 2023
CLAVICULE Queen Blizzard & The Sitar Guitar Full Of Joy 2023
POSTCARDS Tenderness Single 2023
CHAI We The Female!  Single 2023
HALLAN Unwomanly Face of War The Noise of a Firing Gun (ep) 2023
KOSMETIKA House Illustration 2023
WASHER Not Like You  Improved Means To Deteriorated Ends 2023