60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco Too Much",

le rurbex de Chill Pill...

... et la douceur  de Daneshevskaya

INU Fade Out Don't Eat Food! 2023
THE POGUES Wild Cats Of Kilkenny BBC Sessions 1984-85 2020
THE TRIALS OF CATO Gog Magog Gog Magog 2022
BERLINER DOOM Veganer Softrock Wer das h​ö​rt ist doom 2023
DANCER Chill Pill As Well (ep) 2023
ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA Secret Messages Secret Messages 1983
JULIANA HATFIELD Secret Messages Juliana Hatfield sing ELO 2023
UPCHUCK Freaky Bite The Hand That Feeds 2023
BOUND BY ENDOGAMY Autoreduction Huit cauchemars d'une machine f​ê​l​é​e 2023
DANESHEVSKAYA Somewher In The Middle Long Is The Tunnel 2023
LIZA ANNE Thank You For Your Time Utopian 2023
TUBE ALLOYS Jubilee Magnetic Point 2023
OSEES Chaos Heart Intercepted Message 2023
AXOLOTES MEXICANOS Amarre (single) 2023
ALDRCH  Go Industry Standard  2023
SHANE McGOWAN &THE POPES Haunted (feat Sinead O' Connor) The Snake 1994