60 mn

Cette semaine dans "Un Poco To Much"

le monde Gwendoline est tellement génial...

... que ça vaut bien une petite dance avec It Things !

BAR ITALIA World greatest Emoter The Twits 2023
FAMOUS MAMMALS Soul Without Sound Instant Pop Expressionism Now! 2023
PAL Safety Corridor Pals 2023
DANESHEVSKAYA Big Bird Long Is The Tunnel 2023
THE JESUS AND THE MARY CHAIN Jamcod (single) 2023
RATBOYS Crossed That Line The Window 2023
IT THING P.C.H (single) 2023
HOTLINE TNT Protocol Cartwheel 2023
HARP Silver Wings Albion 2023
LIGHT BEAMS Coming Our Way Wild Life 2023
FLAT WORMS Sigalert Witness Marks 2023
VIJI Sedative So Vanilla 2023
GWENDOLINE Conspire (single) 2023
CITY PARKING Carl (single) 2023
DANCER Crying Espionage (ep) 2023
TC MATIC O La La La TC Matic 1981